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The Bamboo Centre

The Bamboo Centre is an authentic and varied shopping experience in Melville, Johannesburg. Here you’ll find everything from food to décor; art to wellness; books to toys; haute couture and collectibles. Farmers’ Markets on Saturdays add an organic flair. Each shop is independent and owner-run – no chain brands here. Their stock reflects the contemporary South African theme of Bamboo. Bamboo enhances Melville’s trendy, quirky temperament, taking individuality to the next level. Bamboo Farmers’ Market is Each and every Saturday from 9h00-13h00. Please check the website for cancellations due to bad weather during winter. Come for your share of summer’s bounty straight from the producers. Expect to find all your local and organic fresh produce, farm milk and butter, free-range eggs and chickens, preservative – free bread, fair-trade coffee – all that you need!

Local business

The Hairdresser is an intimate shop tucked in the corner of Bamboo and promises to surprise you beyond expectation.They specialize in hair, pedicures and manicures. The Hairdresser’s care for their customers reach far beyond tips and roots.


Offers a modern mix of Asian and Eastern Dishes from Dim Sum, Smoked Trout Steamed Buns, Ramen’s to Gyoza’s; the dishes have been designed to be shared amongst the table. Key dishes do vary from day to day.

Eastern Bazaar

12:00 – 23h00 – TUES to SAT (kitchen closes at 10pm)
12:00 – 20h00 – SUN
Closed Mondays


Upstairs is a 90m2 space available to artists, curators and publicists. It is a self run space where the user runs their own show for ten days. Costs are limited to the rental and signage costs. Bamboo provides media support and invites the Bamboo clients to visit the show.


Offers Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

07h30 – 18h00 (Mon-Fri)
08h00 – 17h00 (Sat)
08h30 – 15h30 (Sun)


Relationship Problems ?

Interpersonal relationships between human beings are extremely complex because there is a meeting of different personalities with different value systems, and at some point there is bound to be disagreement or conflict. When we think of the word “relationship” most of us think of our love relationships, with our spouse or partner. But  there are also many other kinds of relationships, your relationship with your employer or coworkers even your relationship with the local storekeeper. No matter what kind of relationship we are talking about, they are always far more complex and subtle than what they appear to be on the surface. At Bamboo online, we deal with clients and customers on a daily basis, all of whom we have relationships with. Likewise, there are relationships between the various staff members that work here at Bamboo. Like most things in life, relationships are subject to ups and downs and the interpersonal skills of the people involved in the relationship will often determine the ability of the relationship to survive.

Relationship difficulties can wreak havoc in ones life if not processed and worked through adequately. Couple seeking relationship therapy can approach marriage counsellors, couples counsellors or a psychologist. One of my Bamboo colleagues who lives in the Cape Town recently approached psychologist Anita Prag based in the southern suburbs of Bergvliet with her concerns about her marital relationship.

Hayley, my colleague and her husband Dieter have been married for over seven years and are blessed with two young children aged three and four years old. Hayley has become increasingly concerned about the lack of communication between her and her husband over the past year. It seems as if their lives are just too full to have any quality to time to share doing the things that they used to love doing together. This is a common problem that married couples face after the initial bliss is over and the responsibilities of parenting take up much of the previous free time. Anita is a skilled Clinical Psychologist in the southern suburbs with a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. Anita deals with many couples, married and unmarried as well as same sex couples. Relationship difficulties are normal, in fact healthy, it’s they way in which we deal with them that counts. Often couples are just too tired at the end of a working day to engage in the most important thing which is maintaining the quality of their relationship. It is essential that couples make the effort to spend quality time alone with each other regularly. If they don’t, what happens is, small unresolved gripes grow into smouldering unspoken resentments which can be toxic to any relationship. Hayley managed to convince her husband to meet together with her and Dr Prag at her psychologist practice in Bergvliet. It’s not uncommon for men to be reluctant to go for any kind of counselling or therapy, but nonetheless, Dieter agreed to give it a try after reading up Anita’s credentials on her website

According to Hayley the session with Anita was extremely valuable and she was actually quite surprised at how Anita was able to engage her husband into the discussion and how he opened up, speaking about his feelings which is something she says he rarely ever does. “Although there are many southern suburbs psychologists listed, I’m really glad we went with her. Anita’s ability to connect with myself and Dieter was astounding and she developed a great rapport with both of is in the first few minutes of our consultation”

Hearing of Hayley’s success with the psychologist she met with really gives me hope. There are so many failed marriages and couples out there that just give up too quickly. I hope our readers are inspired to take a look at their own relationships and consider therapy before letting the relationship fail because of neglect.