Why Bother with Energy Efficiency ?

Energy efficiency means to do more with less energy.
Why is it important to use less energy? The answer is simple; it’s not good for the environment. Many sources of energy are not renewable; once it is used it’s gone forever. Many forms of energy we use can also cause pollution, which is again not good for the environment.
The above does explain in short why we need to be more energy efficient, but below you can find a few more reasons why it is so important.
Energy Efficiency can save you money
Buying energy efficient appliances and having your home properly insulated will lead to using less electricity and water and therefore cut monthly costs. Cape Town has it’s cold winters now so investing in a pool heating Cape Town is a good place to start your energy saving efforts.  Using energy saving lighting and installing items like heat pumps or solar panels can reduce the amount of electricity you use each month and your monthly costs.
Simply by washing your clothes in cold water can save you a hefty amount each year. There are plenty of ideas that you can implement to save energy and all these energy efficient ideas will save you money.
•    Using solar or heat pumps for your home and if you have a pool.
•    Installing energy efficient LED lighting or other energy saving bulbs.
•    Making sure you have a pool cover to help prevent evaporation, to save water and to keep the water warmer.
Being energy efficient can help the economy
Everybody can benefit from reduced costs and being energy efficient, but for business it can have a huge impact on their overall budget. When a business or homeowner can lower their monthly costs the money that is saved can then be used elsewhere in the economy. This can then result in the formation of additional jobs. Increasing energy efficiency can also create local jobs by offering related services and thereby improving local economic development. A country being more self and energy efficient also relies less on foreign nations to supply the need.

A better way of life
Insulating your home for the colder months and reducing costs by implementing energy saving ideas all have benefits and contribute to a better quality of life. Installing solar panels or heating pumps can provide hot water every day at a much less cost than using an electrical geyser heating system. Saving money you can use on other important things.

Energy efficiency is good for the environment
By using less energy you can help fight global climate change. By using less power in your home, you are actually helping to reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants and this helps to conserve the earth’s natural resources. Some power plants burn coal or other fossil fuels, but release toxic substances like carbon dioxide. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can have a detrimental effect on the environment. The ‘greenhouse effect’ is the natural result of these gases, causing things like a rise in temperatures, abnormal weather patterns, heatwaves and droughts.
Saving energy also saves our natural resources; because fossil fuels are becoming scarcer this makes it more expensive. Everybody doing their part will help to save the environment and conserve our natural resources. We will be able to continue to breathe healthy, fresh and clean air.

LED Lights

Increase your building resale value
Energy efficient homes or businesses usually have a longer lifespan; they will have lower maintenance issues and will cost less to manage. Pool covers Cape Town are another means of saving energy and water consumption. A more energy efficient home will have the benefit of lower energy bills and therefore be more attractive to buyers. The increased energy efficiency in commercial buildings can also add to increased productivity.
Helps keep you Healthy
The pollution that comes from energy sources can cause major health issues. Severe illnesses like lung cancer and asthma. Conserving energy makes it possible for a lower carbon footprint and in the long run will help to reduce cases of respiratory disease and other health issues.
Maintaining stable energy prices
Implementing energy efficient methods will help to conserve energy thereby lowering or eliminating possible energy shortages. A good energy supply will mean steady prices throughout the year or even lower the costs.
Having a positive impact
As an individual you can be energy efficient, but extend that to your family. Then get your neighbours and the rest of the community involved in energy conservation and the future of your community can be saved and improved.